FAA 14 CFR PART 107 Approved

Real Estate Drones of San Diego


Price includes the following:                                                                                        

4K @ 30fps in Pro Resolution (YouTube)
1 hour of editing (additional editing is $150 per hour)      
Copyright-free music
Branding with Client’s information in the final video - Optional
Additional Options:

Mass Media 4K Resolution Raw w/o Watermark = $1,050.00 + Tax
Exclusive Rights to Footage (nobody may use footage for any other purposes) = $1,000.00 + Tax
Audio voice over provided by Client, integrated and edited by Company = $500.00 + Tax
Still Photos = $100 + Tax for 1st Photo and $5 + Tax for each additional photo

Payment Terms:

100% of Total is due prior to scheduling.  Company anticipates approximate delivery of final video within 5-7 business days from date of filming.  This is not a guarantee but we have never taken longer than 7 days to deliver a video.


If travel outside San Diego metro area is requested and/or required, Company charges actual ticket prices for airfare, plus 10% handling fee.  Any mileage outside the San Diego metro area is charged at $0.55 per mile, and any hotel or meal expenses are at actual rate, plus 10% handling fee.  Travel time is charged at $40 per hour, based on an 8 hour travel day.  All expenses are due at time of expense invoice, net 10 days.  

Scope of Services:

Services will be allocated based on recommendations of Company and Client.  The objective is to plan and execute a video production that Client can use to promote their organization or sale of property.  Client will receive a media file type per Company’s preference.  If Client wishes to use delivered media for mass production/distribution, Client may purchase the “Exclusive Rights” option above.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

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