Aerial Photos - $250

High Resolution Aerial Photos (Generally produces 5-8 subject property photos.)

Real Estate Photography - $250

HDR Professional Interior & Exterior Photography.  Produces 15 - 30+ photos depending on the property size.

Aerial Video - $350

Aerial Video, MLS Virtual Tour, Property Website, and REDSD's Stock Footage!

Standard Pricing Details:

Real Estate Price includes the following(non-hourly):                                                                                        

  • 4K @ 30fps in Pro Resolution (YouTube)
  • 1 hour of editing (additional editing is $150 per hour)    
  • Copyright-free music
  • Branding with Client’s logo in the final video - Optional

Additional Options:

Mass Media 4K Video HD Resolution Raw w/o Watermark = $1,050.00 + Tax
Exclusive Rights to Footage (nobody may use footage for any other purposes) = $1,000.00 + Tax
Audio voice over provided by Client, integrated and edited by Company = $500.00 + Tax

Scope of Services:

Services will be allocated based on recommendations of Company and Client.  The objective is to plan and execute an aerial production that Client can use to promote their organization or sale of property.  Client will receive a media file type per Company’s preference.  If Client wishes to use delivered media for mass production/distribution, Client may purchase the “Exclusive Rights” option above. 


If travel outside San Diego metro area is requested and/or required, Company charges actual ticket prices for airfare, plus 10% handling fee.  Any mileage outside the San Diego metro area is charged at $0.55 per mile, and any hotel or meal expenses are at actual rate, plus 10% handling fee.  Travel time is charged at $50 per hour, based on an 8 hour travel day.  All expenses are due at time of expense invoice, net 10 days. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy: 

Please provide us with at least 24 hours cancellation notice for a full refund and allow 3-5 business days for the transaction.  Please note that we cannot refund services already performed but that is primarily because no one has asked us to. =) 

Aerial Mapping - $250 / Hr

High Resolution Aerial Photos (Generally produces 10-15 subject property photos.)

Custom Production Services - $150/Hr(3hr Min)

If you have the budget, we'll make it happen!!

Real Estate Photography Subscription - $150/Month 

• Two Properties / Month
•$100 for additional properties


Information on exclusive video rights, travel, etc.

Real Estate Drones of San Diego's Preferred Lender!

PREMIUM Video Package - $649+ (Depends on Sq. Ft.)

Aerial Video, Interior Video, HD Aerial Photos, MLS Virtual Tour, Property Website, and REDSD's Stock Footage!

REAL ESTATE DRONES OF SAN DIEGO and real estate photography


THE KITCHEN SINK - $999+ (Depends on Sq. Ft.)

Aerial Video, Interior Video, Interior & Exterior Photography, HD Aerial Photos, MLS Virtual Tour, Property Website, and REDSD's Stock Footage!

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Commercial Real Estate - $450+

Commercial Properties($150/Hr‏ w/ 3Hr Minimum - 5+ Units, Large Lots, Mid-High Rise Buildings, etc.) - Includes HDR and Large Format Panorama Imaging